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October 18, 2009 There and Here: The Art of  War review
Figurescapes | Lauralynn White
named in the
TOP TEN in Visual Arts 2012
by the Reading Eagle!
"Throughout each section, though, it was the works of White,
especially her small, disturbing ink drawings, that held my
interest. One, for instance, portrays a young man in a robe
consoling an aged, naked beggar in the woods. Another
depicts a blindfolded young girl in front of a mirror with a
huge spider in the reflection. Next to her stands a second
woman holding a pair of scissors at her head like a knife.
Simple but potent." - Ron Schira

Click here to see the book  Illustrations on Etsy.
Lauralynn White/ Chautauqua Dancers
click here for entire Review
CDC Bonnefoux 25th Anniversary
Winner 2007
The Exquisite Joy of Sorrow
Named in the TOP TEN shows of 2014
by the Reading Eagle!
Now located in STUDIO # 305 @
GoggleWorks Center for the Arts
201 Washington Street
Reading, PA 19540
Named in the TOP TEN shows of 2016
by the Reading Eagle!
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